With over three decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Johnny is a multi-passionate actor, writer and producer.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. to undocumented parents, Johnny didn't learn to speak English until he was 6 years old.  At the time, the neighborhood they lived in, Bay Ridge, was 90% white. This made it hard for Johnny to play with the other kids.


Frustrated with his environment, one day his mom caught him looking into the mirror, and yelling at God: "Bad God, why didn't You make me with yellow hair and blue eyes like those other kids – and talking that messy language the way they do!?!

Sensing an opportunity, his mom immediately chimed in: “Johnny, if you drink all your milk and eat all your vegetables your hair will turn yellow & your eyes will turn blue, and you’ll learn to speak that gibberish.”


He obviously doesn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes (yes, he now embraces his natural beauty), but his mom was right about one thing, Johnny did eventually learn to speak fluent gibberish.

Ultimately, his parents left Bay Ridge for Sunset Park (a neighborhood in Brooklyn that's 90% Latino).  In 3rd grade, Johnny was cast as Rabbit #3 in his elementary school’s bilingual Christmas play. Not only was his portrayal of Rabbit #3 critically hailed... wink, wink... that experience was the official start of Johnny’s career as a storyteller.

During Middle School, Johnny moved to Cypress Hill (a Black and Latino neighborhood in Brooklyn).  Bitten by the acting bug, he eventually applied for and was accepted into La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts in Manhattan, where he honed his individual sensibilities and artistic critical thinking.  While La Guardia was genuinely an extremely, beautifully diverse and multi-cultural environment, Johnny became the only Latino male to graduate from his acting class.

After graduating high school, Johnny went on to work in many notable films and TV shows with such great directors as Steven Soderbergh, Michael Bay, Sidney Lumet, Frank Oz, Arthur Hiller, John Badham, Hugh Wilson; to name a few.

Wanting to represent a wider range of stories, Johnny started writing. He co-wrote A THROUGH M. Produced in Association with the American Film Institute (AFI), it won Best Dramatic Short Film. His latest short screenplay SPIC (based on true events from his youth) was awarded 1st Place at Diverse Voices/WeScreenplay Competition 2020, won Finalist at the Blue Cat 2019 Screenplay Competition, and placed Third at the 2020 Vail Film Festival Screenplay Contest.


His feature screenplay - AMERICAN BUBBLE (in active development) has ranked in the top 5% of feature screenplays; most notably at Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition and The Black List.

As a producer, Johnny co-produced FIND ME GUILTY directed by Sidney Lumet, and starring Vin Diesel & Peter Dinklage. He also co-produced EVEN MONEY, starring Academy Award Winners Kim Basinger & Forest Whitaker.