Johnny plays 'Jorge' in Porgies & Bass.  


Log Line:  When one fisherman sits too close to another, all hell breaks lose in a battle against life and death.

Synopsis:  Ben is trying to catch his prized large striped bass, and has staked out his favorite spot on the beach.  So when Jorge, who wants to catch porgies, a smaller, more abundant fish, shows up and sits too close he interrupts Ben's idyllic plans.  What starts out as a beautiful, ideal day for fishing by the ocean turns into a conflict over territory -- one that erupts in unexpectedly dark ways.

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Director: Thomas Barnes.  

Cinematography Milton Kam

Producer is Richard D'Angelo.  

Casting Donna McKenna.

Starring, ​Jeffrey J. Scott as Ben, and Aidan Governale as The Kid. 

Continuing his venture as a multi-hypenate, Johnny produced MUSCLE,  Directed by Heidi Miami Marshall and Executive Produced by Frank Oz

Log Line:  A woman struggles to care of her dying husband. But, then she meets the other woman. 

Synopsis:  A wife takes care of her dying husband. But even before he was terminally ill, things were already falling apart.  When she meets the other woman, she has to make an agonizing choice: will she leave him and live for herself, or stay and live for him?   An examination into what "until death do us part" really means and the way commitments make, shape and break us, MUSCLE played at over 31 film festivals worldwide and won 6 awards - including Best Narrative Short Film, Best of the Fest Award, and Best Actress.

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Starring: Fiona Graham, Reiko Aylesworth, and Marc Menchaca

Written by: Tom Wilton,

Edited by: Joe Gutowski

Cinematography: Jeff Melanson

Johnny appears in ROYAL PAINS 


The episode was directed by Paulo Costanzo.   

Johnny re-teamed with his favorite folks to produce and act in NOISE, directed by the visionary Maximilian Williamson.    

Michael Rogers stars as a man caught in an existential crisis, fighting for his soul.  Eliud Kauffman and Fiona Graham co-star, and  Jeff Melanson handles a superb cinematography.  

Johnny appears in the web-series  SPECIALS.  

Directed by Georgi Richardson,

Produced by Natalie Gee and Welland Scripps

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