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Johnny's love for storytelling doesn't stop at acting, he's also a writer and producer.  As a multi-hyphenate, he brings more stories to life. 


Johnny co-produced the highly critically-acclaimed film Find Me Guilty directed by Sidney Lumet, starring Vin Diesel and Peter Dinklage -- and also Even Money directed by Mark Rydell and starring Academy Award Winners Kim Basinger and Forest Whitaker, and Danny Devito and Ray Liotta.


As a writer, Johnny wrote the award winning film S.P.I.C. -- which he also produced.  He co-wrote A through M and he produced it in collaboration with the A.F.I.  He also produced the film MUSCLE.  Additionally, Johnny consulted Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, The Vow, Boston Public) on a feature film script.


Johnny is dedicated to entertaining and inspiring the viewer to create personal and social change. Particularly, stories depicting statistically underrepresented communities, and that highlight the struggle and triumph of the human spirit.

• For Johnny's Writer / Producer Reel -- please see below. 

Click for Johnny's writer+producer IMDB page

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